JTris 1.01

Last Updated : 31 August 2000


Remember those classical Tetris that comes with great 8bits backgrounds ?? This game does the same, but with photo-realistic backgrounds. Plus, it comes with great MOD and MP3musics as well.

This is the first game I made and it is free. So I hope you really enjoy this one. If you have any suggestion, or just want to say HI, just mail me at jgfw@hotpop.com or drop a message at my guestbook.

By the way, this game won the Allegro Games Competition(AGC) in the 'REMAKE' category. Read it all here. Here are some feedback from the judges of AGC.

"Excellent remake. Well intergrated design. The background music is cool and the options to customize it, advance, rewind, set volume, etc. are a very nice touch. The installation is clean and the setup is very complete and autodetects."

"Probably as commercial as Tetris will ever get."

"Hey! Its Tetris (x100). Good docs. Good, Good. Yup - pretty good."

My AGC Trophy

Features :-

Up to 2 Players
Support MP3 and MOD musics (mod, s3m, xm, jgm, Unreal's S3M in UMX)
15, 16, 24 and 32 bits graphics mode support
You can add more musics to the playlist
Adjustable keyboard sensitivity
Definable keys
Hall of fame
Cool Backgrounds
Cool Musics

Click on the link below to start downloading the game.
Binary (ZIP)  (4.66 MB)

Source Code here. Please read "compile.txt" on how to compile the source code.
Source Code (ZIP)  (33 kB)

If those musics aren't still enough for you, go to my Top MOD musics. Please read readme.txt on how to add those musics to the playlist.

Screen Shot
Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 2

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